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Social Behavioural Dashboard

Since COVID-19, an impressive amount of social behavioural data have been generated from multiple research projects conducted in the field or at the global level by partners and academic communities. This data has substantially improved the response with better understanding of community perceptions, practices and adaptations. The Social Behavioural Dashboard aims to help the RCCE community, public heath and humanitarian stakeholders to analyse the situation at global, regional and country level.

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The Study and Data Tracker archives relevant quantitative data sources on social behavioural changes and the most recent public health emergencies. With the tracker, you could explore this repository of social science researches through a set of thematic filters and countries.

Methods & Indicators

The database aims to track and archives information, knowledge, perception, and practices related to public health emergencies – from January 2020. To implement the database, we applied a methodology based on a standisation of indicators, matching process between each data collected and an exhaustive documentation of methods, sampling size, geographical scope, and limitation.

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