Information Management

The Collective Service provides the Information Management Service to strengthen evidence generation, which helps RCCE programme design and informs the decision making process at global, regional and country level.

The Information Management Service is supporting RCCE activities through improving data collection and collation, creating data management standards, data analysis, and supporting the dissemination of information. The IM team provides technical guidance, design and implementation support, and training to strengthen existing information systems or develop responsive solutions for RCCE partners at country or regional levels.

The team works with direct support from global and regional teams, and outsourced technical support with service providers or IM stand-by partnerships.

Information management SUPPORTS

From IM team and partners

Data collection

Develop and implement data collection tools to support social science research or monitoring activities with third-parties through a user-centred design approach and scalable solutions.

Data Management

Design a data management approach  to implement, store, organize and maintain large and complex datasets on social behavioural or community feedbacks.


Identify robust and innovative methods and tools for interpreting data through explanatory or predictive analysis and generating trends and evidence.


Design dashboards or interactive charts to help data exploration, interpretation and the effective sharing of findings and evidence with partners and decision makers 

Technical Guidance

Guide partners on appropriate information management tools and methods applied to RCCE, including data collection, analysis and visualisation.

Remote Support

Understand and assist country-level teams to design, implement and conduct their own data project and connect RCCE national teams with technical experts.


Providing in-country support to setup, adapt and rollout information or monitoring system by developing tools or strengthening existing platforms.

Capacity building

Amplify local capacites to manage data and generate evidence through collective training or coaching on IM tools and data analysis methods applied to RCCE.

Lastest Products

IM Tools

from Collective Service and Partners

Ideation tool

Understand data needs and challenges with users (CS)

Activity Monitoring

Operational mapping tools developed by CS


Collect and analyse social behaviour data

Community Feedback

Community feedback toolkit developed by IFRC

Generic IM tools


Data responsability Guidance by OCHA

Data Collection

Set of tools on data collection

Data Processing

Excel tips developed by OCHA

Data Viz

Tips for vizualising data  by HDX



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