Youth engagement Subgroup

Engaging young people during the COVID-19 pandemic and involving them effectively in risk communication efforts has been a critical part of the response.

Failure to connect and communicate well with young people during this pandemic affects their ability to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities, and can erode their trust in healthcare and other institutions. 

The Youth Engagement Working Group was created to enable collaboration and support a wide range of organisations with the development and rolling out of risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) specific interventions and strategies relevant to young people’s contexts and realities. The group is part of the RCCE Collective Service.


of the Youth Engagement Subgroup


Create linkages to other subgroups and support to include a youth lens in areas of work such as mental health, migrants, marginalised populations, people living with disabilities, indigenous, ethnically and racially diverse vulnerable young people and groups


RCCE data generation and social research focused on young people to effectively guide field efforts


Provide technical support to RCCE efforts targeting at the country level and facilitating connections with youth groups active in RCCE


Advocate for the inclusion of young people within global, regional and local RCCE strategies, policies and  plans while ensuring the coordination of RCCE efforts towards young people

Key Documents

Main documents developed by our partners


With us & for us: working with and for young people in humanitarian and protracted crises (IASC)

Technical brief

Invisible but not forgotten: RCCE with young people left behind during COVID-19 (UNFPA) 

Practical Tips

Engaging Adolescents and Youth in the COVID-19 Response (UNICEF)

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