ESAR Community Feedback

Community Feedback Subgroup for Eastern and Southern Africa Region

The Working Group

The community feedback sub-working group helps to ensure that the overall COVID-19 response is guided by the needs, priorities and concerns of communities across East and Southern Africa by analysing, sharing and encouraging action on the most frequent trends in community feedback collected across different agencies.

The working group manages the collection of community feedback across agencies to identify the trends in communities that could affect the delivery and effectiveness of RCCE messages and projects. Sharing this information widely ensures we can develop the most useful strategies and tools for building good relationships with communities and craft effective messaging.

Key documents


RCCE Inter-agency Working Group Africa Region: How to collect and record community feedback

Terms of Reference

COVID-19 Interagency community feedback sub-working group


Communities’ challenges to comply with public health measures for COVID-19



Elisabeth Ganter Restrepo

CEA Delegate


Susan Nyawade

RCCE Technical Officer