Data Snapshot

October 2022 – This data snapshot on Monkeypox presents findings from the most recent socio-behavioural surveys and studies publicly available.

September 2022 – This data snapshot takes a deeper look into potential reasons for vaccine hesitancy among ESAR women, as well as highlighting some specific...

June 2022 – This snapshot describes the new monkeypox outbreak and risk communication and community engagement challenges.

This snapshot compares COVID-19 vaccine willingness and uptake rates between the two first doses and the booster.

This snapshot describes COVID-19 situation and public health challenges in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

March 2022 – This snapshot compares regions and countries through COVID-19 vaccine uptake, supply and willingness in 2022

Febuary 2022 – This snapshot presents impact of Omicron waves on risk perception since November 2021.

January 2022 – This snapshot presents civil unrest trends related to vaccine pass introduction in 2022.