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The Collective Helpdesk provides coordinated guidance and support on Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) and Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) related queries. Part of the Collective Service, the Helpdesk gives you quick access to technical expertise, data, and knowledge bases.

Who is the support for?

Anyone seeking rapid or in-depth RCCE and CEA technical support and resources that cannot be found at the country or regional levels.

This includes: practitioners working for a multilateral organisation, NGO or government; postgraduate students and academics; professionals working in a related field, including communications or policy. 

How the Helpdesk will assist you:

  • We provide rapid, remote technical assistance to help you find relevant and contemporaryRCCE and CEA resources
  • We can connect you to regional or global RCCE and CEA experts for advice on design, implementation and monitoring of projects


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The Collective Helpdesk really helped me as I didn't have to write RCCE response evaluation ToRs myself which saved a lot of my time.

User from the South Asia region

I received a prompt and comprehensive response to assist my social science field research in a humanitarian setting. The response consisted of links, tools, and contextual information related to my setting.

A PhD candidate from London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The support is always very useful. The information that has been shared is timely, targeted and with added value.

A user from the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

The TORs shared works to adapt for the documentation we will conduct. Thanks.

User from UNICEF's global level.

Snapshot for 2022

 Ever wondered what the Collective Helpdesk has been up to and how it has been contributing to community-led response in 2022? You can now peek into the Collective Helpdesk’s operations with highlights on its performance, its first ever community of practice, the support it has provided for RCCE M&E technical assistance, and its reception in the SBCC Summit.



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Knowledge Base

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Contributing Organizations

Collective Service - Secretariat
Public Health Agency of Canada

Type of Support

Rapid, remote technical assistance

We provide rapid, remote technical assistance to help you find relevant and contemporary RCCE and CEA resources.

Referrals to regional or global RCCE experts

We can connect you to regional or global RCCE and CEA experts for advice on design, implementation and monitoring of projects

Tracking and measuring RCCE demand

We track and report on the queries received from the country, regional, and global levels to analyze trends and support any existing needs and gaps


Risk Communication/Media
  • RCCE strategies and national action plan
Capacity development, training and knowledge management
  • Job descriptions and Terms of Reference
  • Country readiness and preparedness for outbreaks and epidemics
Community Engagement / Behaviour and Social Change in Emergencies
  • SBC/CE evidence-based planning, strategies and tools
  • Faith based engagement
  • Youth engagement
  • SBC/CE + Vaccine demand creation
  • Advocacy and support for inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups
  • Information management
Community Feedback and Accountability
  • Accountability to Affected Population
  • Complaint and Feedback mechanisms
  • Social listening
  • Information management and monitoring systems
Social Science / Behavoural Insights Research
  • Advice on research methodology
  • Advice on data analysis
  • Coaching support on operational social science research in RCCE
  • Information management support for Social Science
RCCE Monitoring and Evaluation
  • RCCE M&E framework
  • RCCE M&E indicators
  • M&E tools design and implementation

Areas not covered by the Collective Helpdesk

  • Services involving funding and surge requests
  • Any PSEA escalation and confidentiality protocols



Namita Rao

Diane Le Corvec

Global Coordinator

The Collective Service