The Collective Helpdesk

The Collective Helpdesk provides coordinated guidance and support on RCCE-related queries. It forms part of the support offering of the Collective Service and allows for quick access to technical expertise, data, and knowledge bases.

Who is the support for? Anyone seeking rapid or in-depth RCCE technical support and resources that cannot be found at the country or regional levels.


How support is provided:
  • Rapid, remote technical assistance to access RCCE resources     
  • Referrals to regional or global RCCE experts for in-depth request
  • Track and measure RCCE demand from country, regional, and global levels

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Knowledge Base

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Technical help

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The Collective Helpdesk SUPPORTS

Rapid, remote technical assistance

Provide quick access to users with resources, guidance documents, knowledge bases, and case studies

Referrals to regional or global RCCE experts

Channel in-depth queries to regional or global RCCE experts depending on the nature of the request to provide additional perspectives and examples

Tracking and measuring RCCE demand

Track and report on the queries received from the country, regional, and global levels to analyze trends and support any existing needs and gaps

RCCE Thematic Areas

Community engagement / Behaviour and social change in emergencies

  • SBC/CE evidence-based planning, strategies and tools
  • Faith based engagement
  • Youth engagement
  • SBC/CE + Vaccine demand creation
  • Advocacy and support for inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups
  • Information management

Community feedback and Accountability

  • Accountability to Affected Population
  • Complaint and Feedback mechanisms
  • Social listening
  • Information management and monitoring systems

Social Science / BI Research

  • Advice on research methodology
  • Advice on data analysis: Provide actual data analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Coaching support on operational social science research in RCCE
  • Information management support for Social Science

RCCE Monitoring and Evaluation

  • RCCE M&E framework
  • RCCE M&E indicators
  • M&E tools design and implementation

Areas not covered by the Collective Helpdesk

  • Services involving funding and surge requests
  • Any PSEA escalation and confidentiality protocols


Namita Rao

Humberto Jaime

C4D Specialist


Silvia Magnoni

Project Coordinator

Collective Service