Key documentation and products developed by partners for supporting Community Engagement for Monkeypox Response

Situation on Monkeypox

An ongoing outbreak of monkeypox was confirmed on 6 May 2022, beginning with a British resident who, after travelling to Nigeria (where the disease is endemic), presented symptoms consistent with monkeypox on 29 April 2022. The resident returned to the United Kingdom on 4 May, creating the country’s index case of the outbreak. After April 2022, over 25,000 confirmed and 2 deaths have been reported and affect 99 countries where the disease is mainly not endemic (Global Health, 8 August 2022).

On 23 July 2022, The Internal Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee and WHO stated the outbreak as Public Health Emergency of International Concern (IHR/WHO).

Lesotho, 2019 @IFRC

Key Resources on Monkeypox

RCCE during the monkeypox outbreak in Europe


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This document is intended for health authorities working on RCCE in the context of the current monkeypox outbreak in Europe. It provides advice on approaches to the communication of risks and engagement of population groups based on the outbreak’s epidemiology and context, recommended preventive measures and people’s perceptions and behaviour.

RCCE for monkeypox outbreaks: an Interim Guidance


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The Interim Guidance for RCCE outlines recommendations, considerations and methods to raise awareness, manage risk perception, maintain trust and proactively support people at risk to make informed decisions to protect themselves and others from monkeypox. The guidance includes recommendations on identifying and communicating with affected populations and key audiences and avoiding stigma in communications outreach. It also includes key messages about symptoms of monkeypox, transmission, prevention measures, and communicating about uncertainty. This document also provides RCCE guidance for managers and planners of gatherings and events, where close physical contact may create an environment conducive for the transmission of monkeypox. Additionally, this document includes a compendium of recommendations for RCCE methods and resources to support the monkeypox response. (June 2022)



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This brief is intended to be read in conjunction with the companion brief entitled ‘Social Considerations for Monkeypox Response’. In this set of briefs, we lay out social considerations from previous examples of disease emergence to reflect on 1) the range of response strategies available to control monkeypox, and 2) specific considerations for monkeypox risk communication and community engagement (RCCE).


Understand the Situation

Situation, Contextual Analysis


Global Health - Epidemiological Data Dashboard

The Collective Service - 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak Snapshot

R&D BluePrint - Social dimensions of monkeypox: gaps and priority questions?


Situation Reports

Siutation reports on Monkeypox from partners


Rapid assessments, Infodemic insights


ECDC - Monkeypox multi-country outbreak Rapid Risk Assessment (updated)


Assessment Reports

Assessment reports on Monkeypox from partners

Infodemics and Social Listening

Reports on infodemics and social listening from partners


Guidance, Strategy, Plan


WHO - RCCE for monkeypox outbreaks: an interim guidance

ECDC/WHO Europe - Risk communication and community engagement approaches during the monkeypox outbreak in Europe

WHO - Vaccines and immunization for monkeypox: Interim guidance


Guidances and Strategies

Guidances and strategies for global, regional and country levels


Community engagement activities, Communication Content, Social Media


WHO - Monkeypox Outbreak toolbox

UNICEF/WHO - Monkeypox RCCE resources by audiences

CDC - Reducing Stigma in Monkeypox Communication and Community Engagement

Internews - One Health Toolkit: Monkeypox


Communication Content

Infographics, Social media kits and factsheets from various partners


Dedicated toolkits for Monkeypox designed by partners


Prior conducted studies and resources from previous responses


Synthesis research and studies

Nigeria 2017 - 2019

Community Engagement resources  from Nigeria Response

DRC 2013

Community Engagement resources  from DRC Response

Knowledge Hub on Monkeypox

WHO Monkeypox Outbreak 2022

Documentation and key resources on Monkeypox Outbreak 2022

European Control Disease Center

Selected documentation, guidance and tools on for Monkeypox Response in Europe

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