Migrants, Refugees and other Vulnerable Groups

Subrgoup Migrants, Refugees and other Vulnerable Groups

The Working Group

Refugees, migrants, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities all have a vital part to play in RCCE activities in relation to COVID-19.

Risk communication in this context refers to managing the flow and exchange of information, working with media channels to monitor and dispel rumours, creating concise and targeted messages for communities based on their perceptions and opinions, factoring in the social science component to ensure the strategy is focused on people.

The purpose of this subgroup is to coordinate RCCE global actions focused on refugees, IDPs, migrants and vulnerable host communities among partners.


Advocate for the inclusion of refugees, IDPs, migrants and host communities particularly vulnerable to the pandemic within main RCCE initiatives.

Lead the mapping of existing guidance and tools and development of new ones on critical RCCE issues and those concerning regional and country offices.

Exchange lessons learned to streamline and align messages, actions and feedback mechanism as well as other communication content.

Key Resources


Risk Communication and Community Engagement Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccination in Marginalised Populations


Practical Guidance for Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)



Naureen Naqvi

SBC specialist



Carlos Van de Laat

Senior Programme Officer



Katherine Harris

Protection Officer