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October, 2022
The Collective Helpdesk’s first Community of Practice – October 2022

What happened in the Community of Practice? 

The one-hour session on 20 October began with introductions for thematic leads and contributing organizations of the Collective Helpdesk to get to know one another. Following that, an overview of questions, testimonies and quarter 3 numbers were provided. The second half of the session was spent listening to and discussing the challenges faced by media practitioners in getting access to technical support at the country level.


Some of the key takeaways from the discussion included the need to identify strong networks and technical working groups in the countries and regions and connecting media practitioners to them for timely and accurate information about an outbreak.

At the global level there would be limitations in supporting with the needs on-ground, but a quick mapping of networks or experts can be a great start for information sharing. The community was encouraged to keep these challenges from the media in consideration when creating guidelines and documents 

Coaching and mentoring opportunity: 

The CoP invited Common Thread to present an exciting mentoring opportunity through their new Call for Change in Kenya. Common Thread is seeking experts who are available to coach and mentor local organizations that are working on strengthening the country’s health system. The flexible opportunities for mentoring include: 

  • Virtual introduction of potential mentors during the workshop on 8 November (if possible or through an email introduction or directory)
  • Coaching support during the Request for Proposal preparations
  • Supporting the selection of the proposals  
  • Coaching for winning proposals starting January 2023 


If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to the Collective Helpdesk coordinator, Namita Rao: or Mike Coleman at Common Thread:

Poll results from the CoP (10 responses)

For more details on the CoP, please refer to this presentation. The next CoP will take place in quarter 1 of 2023. 

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