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Case studies promoting collective experiences seeking to strengthen community-led approach within public health emergency response

Guinea: Research on the Impact of Community Engagement and Accountability Approaches in Public Health Emergencies


This case study was conducted as part of ​research​​​ commissioned by the IFRC o​n​​​ the impact of community engagement and accountability (CEA) on public health emergencies. The overall objective of the research is to​ identify, understand and document how CEA approaches have changed, impacted and/or influenced Red Cross Red Crescent programmes and community health systems during public health emergencies in five countries: Indonesia, Guatemala, Guinea, Georgia and Malawi.

This document presents the results of the research in Guinea.

Contact: Monica Posada,

The case study is currently accessible in French, with an English version forthcoming.


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COVID-19, Ebola


Community engagement, Community feedback, COVID-19, Disease outbreaks, Emergency response, risk communication