ESAR Technical Working Group

The Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Technical Working Group (TWG) was established in March 2020 as one of four TWGs to to enhance regional partner coordination on operational and strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation as well as the support to countries on particular aspects of the preparedness and response to COVID-19.

The Terms of Reference were revised in February 2022 to encompass RCCE partner coordination for public health emergencies (PHE) with regional implications.

The RCCE TWG is co-chaired by UNICEF and IFRC with operational and technical support from the RCCE Collective Service for day to day management and follow up of TWG activities and actions. There are two subworking groups linked to the RCCE TWG-the Community Feedback SWG and the Media Taskforce. Membership and participation is open to all partners operating at regional level involved in RCCE response to address PHE. The RCCE TWG meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month between 11:00am and 12:30pm EAT.


of the Eastern and Southern Africa Hub


Improve RCCE coordination and collaboration between partners responding to public health emergencies, including COVID-19, and the health components of humanitarian crises in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Knowledge Hub

Identify and share common approaches for addressing regional RCCE issues and challenges including contextualizing of shared resources and guidance for country level response actions.

Research & Data Analysis

Support compilation and analysis of behavioral insights, community feedback and social science data to support RCCE and cross pillar decision making

Capacity Building

Identify opportunities for training and capacity building of national RCCE TWGs,  partners or thematic experts and facilitate cross-country experience sharing and learning webinars/sessions guided by best practices.


Case studies

What we learn from ESA region

Real-time Data for decision-makers

To respond to the infodemic, the Collective Service, UNICEF, AIRA and Partners developed a monthly Joint Report to triangulate data and provide recommendations to partners.

Information Management in Malawi

The Collective Service provided technical support to design with partners an operational presence mapping tools to make COVID-19 programming more efficient in Malawi.

COVID-19 mis-&disinformation: What risks does it pose for public health responses to other diseases?

April. 2022 – Webinar organized by Internews about misinformation about COVID-19 and skepticism about vaccination campaigns

Latest Reports

Reports developed by our partners in ESA region

Data 4 Action

March 2022

RCCE for COVID-19 Vaccine Demand in Eastern and Southern Africa

Joint Analysis

February 2022

Regional trend analysis of social data for advocacy and informed decision making

Community Feedback Trends

February 2022

Monthly report based on main feedbacks shared by countries and regional partners

Latest Meetings

Meeting presentations or minutes from technical subworking groups

RCCE Technical Working Group

23rd March 2022

Community Feedback Group

15th March 2022

  • Meeting Presentation

Health Partners Group



2nd March 2022

  • Meeting presentation

Our Tools

Operational Presence

Mapping of partners and activities

Behavioural Insights

Social behaviour dashboard for ESAR Countries

Social Science Studies

Repository of social sciences research in ESAR

Community Feedback

Dashboard on community feedback shared by partners

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Upcoming events, meeting and training

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