Applying an Integrated Outbreak Analytics Lens to COVID-19 Vaccination

The aim of the IOA Field Exchange is to share Integrated Outbreak Analytics (IOA) initiatives and experiences from across the world, at different levels, to facilitate dialogue between and learning opportunities for individuals and organisations working in IOA. We aim to highlight the benefits of IOA to public health emergency response and evidence-based decision-making but also to discuss the realities of IOA in practice, the challenges and lessons-learned. IOA will always vary context to context and we respect and encourage that diversity. This issue presents 4 case studies:
  • Preparing for COVID-19 vaccines in Haiti: Mercy Corps’ approach to community-led and data driven responses.
  • Combining diverse data to highlight underlying causes of low vaccine take-up and testing for COVID-19: a UK case study
  • Vaccine Acceptance in Context: Results from the Fourth PERC Survey
  • Applying an Integrated Outbreak Analytics (IOA) Approach to the COVID-19 Vaccination in the DRC

Resource DETAILS

Authors: Integrated Analytics Cell
Year of publication: 2021
Knowledge Hub: Link

Content type:  Case study
Areas of work: Social science
Region: East & Southern Africa

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