Concerns and motivations about COVID-19 vaccination

Willingness to accept a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available has varied considerably across countries over the course of the pandemic. In The Lancet Infectious Diseases, we presented data collected in Australia in April, 2020,1 which suggested 86% of people surveyed (3741 of 4362) would be willing to vaccinate against COVID-19 if a vaccine became available. Furthermore, the COCONEL group2 showed in March, 2020, that 74% of French citizens would vaccinate. Between April and July, 2020, willingness to vaccinate has ranged from 58% in the USA3 to 64% in the UK4 and 74% in New Zealand.5 The New Zealand data showed that the most commonly reported reasons to get vaccinated were to protect family and self, with safety being the chief concern about the vaccine.

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Authors: Rachael H Dodd, Kristen Pickles, Brooke Nickel, Erin Cvejic
Year of publication: 2020
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Areas of work: Social science
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