COVID‐19 vaccination intent, perceptions, and reasons for not vaccinating among groups prioritized for early vaccination — United States, September and December 2020

This article describes perceptions of the COVID‐19 vaccine among US adults, and reports that younger adults, women, non‐Hispanic Black adults, adults living in nonmetropolitan areas, adults with less education and income, and adults without health insurance have the highest estimates of nonintent to receive vaccination; due to concerns about side effects and safety of the COVID‐19 vaccine, lack of trust in the government, and concern that COVID‐19 vaccines were developed too quickly are the primary reasons for deferring vaccination.

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Authors: Kimberly H. Nguyen, Anup Srivastav, Hilda Razzaghi, Walter Williams, Megan C. Lindley, Cynthia Jorgensen, Neetu Abad, James A. Singleton
Year of publication: 2021
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Content type:  Article
Areas of work: Social science
Region: Americas

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