COVID-19 Research and Innovation: Powering the world’s pandemic response – now and in the future


In modern times science has played a critical and frontline role in combatting epidemics and pandemics.

The development of effective COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and public health interventions alone has provided humanity with some hope for the future.

This updated report once again brings a spotlight to the immense and tireless global research effort to control COVID-19. The global coordination and support for the world’s leading scientists and experts does not always grab the media headlines. But it has been key in underpinning the important initiatives and breakthroughs detailed in this report. The following pages detail not only the tasks and lessons learned that are critical in the next phase of the pandemic - as the world strives to move to ‘endemic’ status. Crucially the report also focuses on how global research actions and platforms that are bolstering our response to COVID-19 right now, can also be deployed in the future to help the world rapidly combat new threats from viruses and other pathogens.

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Year of publication: 2022
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