Explainer: Are some COVID-19 Vaccines Better than Others?


Which COVID-19 vaccine should I get?

All of the COVID-19 vaccines approved for use by WHO and regulatory authorities are safe and highly effective at preventing serious illness and death caused by the virus. To protect your health and your loved ones, it is important to get vaccinated now with the vaccine available to you soonest.

Why are different COVID-19 vaccines being given to people in different countries and even in different parts of the same country?

There are currently six COVID-19 vaccines authorized by WHO. The global demand for vaccines against COVID-19 is unprecedented – it is a good thing that we have multiple vaccines available, as this will help to get more people protected against COVID-19 faster.

The vaccines being used in each country depends on the procurement decisions made by the government, donations made by other countries, or which vaccine is allocated through COVAX. It can also depend on things like the capacity of a country or area to keep vaccines at the required temperature, as different vaccines have different needs.

Whichever of the COVID-19 vaccines is made available to you, get vaccinated as soon as it is your turn.

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