Impact of COVID-19 on Family Planning in Africa and Asia

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COVID-19 was expected to have devastating impacts on family planning. Did it?

Although the pandemic has resulted in many disruptions to health services, including family planning (FP) services, it has also led to some positive adaptations to FP policies, programs, and services around the world that could be applied in other contexts—and that could have lasting implications beyond the pandemic era. In April 2020, UNFPA estimated that if COVID-19-related disruptions in health services continued for 6 months, 7 million unintended pregnancies could occur. One year into the pandemic, estimates put the figure closer to 1.4 million. While this number is still troubling, it indicates that the impacts of COVID-19 on unintended pregnancy during the first year of the pandemic may not have been as dire as originally feared.

Explore interactive charts for seven countries in Africa and Asia to find answers to how COVID-19 impacted contraceptive use and learn about three country experiences successfully adapting their programs.

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Year of publication: 2022
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