Practical Tips on Engaging Adolescents and Youth in the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented global emergency with numbers of cases continuing to soar, schools closing, and health services preoccupied with handling COVID-19 cases. Though the elderly and those with preexisting conditions are most vulnerable, adolescents and youth are also at risk of contracting and transmitting the coronavirus. Additionally, the closure of schools continues to impact education of adolescents and youth and fracture social networks. Disruptions to formal and informal work are creating new pressures on livelihoods including amongst youth. Such public health crises will also exacerbate existing vulnerabilities, access to care services, and inequalities, particularly for women and girls.

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Authors: UNICEF
Year of publication: 2021
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Content type:  Briefing, Case study
Areas of work: Social science
Region: Global

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