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RCCE Question Bank on Core Indicators


This questions bank resource is a menu of questions related to socio-behavioural factors and COVID-19.

This resource seeks to facilitate the collection of valuable and insightful information about perceptions, knowledge, practices, social and structural factors in order to tailor RCCE strategies to better address people’s needs and priorities – and contribute to the overall public health response to COVID-19. It can be used by field teams in communities with COVID-19 transmission and those at risk using appropriate protective measures.

The questions have been developed by the RCCE CS team in consultation with response partners and experts and are part of the RCCE CS global strategy. The questions draw on existing data sources used at country, regional and global level reflecting the RCCE Collective Service global core indicators. It is a resource for partners to enhance the measuring of relevant RCCE Collective Service indicators and can be used to develop operational social science research in a community setting (e.g., quantitative surveys, qualitative focus group discussions etc.).

It includes key questions in the dimensions of knowledge, perceptions, practices, social and structural factors.

It is intended that partners will identify key areas for investigation according to their operational priorities, select most relevant questions and update them to reflect national and sub-national contexts.

This resource is not intended to provide a survey template for a knowledge, perception and practice survey or a focus group discussion guide. Templates and more detailed methodological guidance with particular focus on ethical considerations and data protection will be shared when available.

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