Risk communication and community engagement driving innovations in the COVID-19 response in South Asia

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the health and livelihoods of people in South Asia, revealing stark vulnerabilities of health systems and exacerbating pre-existing social and economic complexities. Efforts to curtail the pandemic saw the region plunge into an economic slowdown and at the same time created devastating secondary impacts and hardships for frontline workers, governments, vulnerable community members, and the general public. A UNICEF report titled, “Lives Upended”1 highlighted the profound impact of the virus on the lives of children in the region, warning that the pandemic risked wiping out decades of progress on children’s health, education and other priorities. Nevertheless, the report also noted the opportunities the crisis presented to expose and tackle some of the longstanding challenges facing children in the region.

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Authors: Anum Pasha, Gloria Lihemo
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Content type:  Case study
Areas of work: Social science
Region: South Asia

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