Risk Communication and Community Engagement Indicator Guidance for COVID-19

The Collective Service
In this document the Collective Service provides interim indicator guidance for the M&E of risk communication and community engagement activities for COVID-19. The indicator guidance can be used to monitor progress in implementing activities and to evaluate the RCCE response to COVID-19. The indicator guidance has been written primarily for national RCCE. The guidance will be of interest to government, United Nations, NGOs and civil society academic and community actors. It can also be used for regional and global RCCE. The indicator guidance has been developed as a menu of indicators that can be chosen from to measure the results of an RCCE programme. While this document has been written specifically for the response to COVID-19 it is hoped that it will provide a useful reference point for the development of indicator frameworks for RCCE responses to other disease outbreaks. It is recommended that technical advice is sought when seeking to adapt this indicator guidance to other disease outbreaks.

Resource DETAILS

Authors: RCCE Collective Service
Year of publication: 2022
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Content type:  Guidance
Areas of work: Social science
Region: Global

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