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Guidance |?The Collective Service

Operational guidance insights drawn from good practices on Youth Engagement and Leadership in COVID-19 response
The case studies from Federated States of Micronesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Jordan, Australia and Asia South-Pacific region demonstrate good practices by youth-oriented organizations and networks in youth engagement and leadership in the COVID-19 response. The challenges addressed in these...

Report |?The Collective Service

Approaches to scaling up COVID-19 vaccination: Experiences from Malawi, Kenya, and Uganda
This synthesis draws on evidence from academic and grey literature, review of available data, programme documents and rapid consultations with partners working in COVID-19 vaccination programmes. It was developed by Anthrologica for the Collective Service at the request of UNICEF...

Report |?The Collective Service

Social, behavioural and community dynamics related to the cholera outbreak in Malawi
This brief is a rapid synthesis of socio-behavioural evidence relating to the 2022 cholera outbreak in Malawi intended for national and international response partners. It focuses on interpreting this evidence to inform the design and delivery of effective communication and...

Guidance |?The Collective Service

Risk Communication and Community Engagement Coordination in Public Health Emergencies, including COVID-19: Interim Guidance
This guidance is drawn from global best practice of Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) coordination, developed over the nearly two years since this pillar was established during the COVID-19 response, and from other public health emergency responses. 

Methodology |?The Collective Service

Data Handbook for Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)
This handbook provides an outline description of the processes involved in the use of data for risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) for COVID-19, and to provide links to useful resources.  The Data for Action Handbook includes guidance on Information...

Guidance |?

Guidance note for delivering the social science training package
This training package and competency framework were developed to address these gaps by providing a set of modules with practical guidance to be adapted and used at the local level.


IOA Field Exchange: Integrated Outbreak Analytics and Community-Sourced Data

Article, Evaluation, Infographics |?

In this age-discriminating pandemic, demography still rules
In this age-discriminating pandemic, it’s important to remember this: developing countries are younger than rich countries, but they count many more elderly. That simple fact alone drives in so many ways the pandemic outcomes that we’re seeing. It also overshadows...


Challenging the Illusion: Health Equity Amidst New Variants

Article, Report |?

Evidence Demonstrating Impact – RCTs and Systematic Review Research Data
The purpose of this work is to provide yourself and others in our common field of work with simple, brief, easily accessible, highly credible impact data that can enhance your programming action, policy development and funding initiatives.

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