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This guide was developed to contribute to the Global Task Force on Cholera Control Interim Guiding Document to Support Countries for the Development of their National Cholera Plans. It focuses on the integration of community engagement approaches.
This guidance has been developed for use by those involved in designing, developing and implementing a National Cholera Plan for Control or Elimination (NCPs) at country level.

Cholera Questions Bank

This resource is a menu of qualitative and quantitative questions related to socio-behavioural factors and cholera. It seeks to facilitate the collection of quality data on community’s capacity, behaviours, practices and perceptions in relation to cholera prevention and management. It can be used by field teams and / or local research teams working in communities with cholera transmission and those at risk adhering to safety and protection protocols.

A Behavioural Playbook for Public Health Responses

This playbook focuses on Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) solutions to public health crises, drawing upon promising SBC initiatives that were deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The playbook has been created as a resource for practitioners within UNICEF and beyond, distilling lessons learned from the MENA region to shape more effective strategies for future responses to epidemics, pandemics and other types of health crises – using an SBC lens.

Community Engagement and Accountability in Emergencies: Research and Tools

This document outlines the key findings of a research project in Africa and across regions to better understand community engagement in emergency response operations. The research conducted, provides guidance on how to prioritize the needed actions to engage communities and ensure accountability towards them, as well as the responsibilities of everyone involved in emergency operations.

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