Call for Applications: Social Science Assistance

Are you an organisation working on communication and/or community engagement for public health crises? Do you need support for using social sciences in your work? Will this support other partners to utilise social science in your national response? If so, the Collective Service in collaboration with Anthrologica invites you to apply for technical assistance for working with socio-behavioral evidence. Applications for assistance will be accepted on a rolling basis until 10 May 2022 in English, Arabic*, Spanish*, and French*.
*Please note that the translation of this form is generated automatically by Google.*

Our social science support may help you with the following questions:

  • What data are available to us and what are the gaps?
  • How can we collect the data we need?
  • How can we analyse the data, so it is useful for our programming and decisions?
  • How should we communicate with communities, so they are at the centre of the response?

Guidance Note

This page provides information you need to apply for technical assistance. Please read in detail through the explanations as they help you to answer the questions in the application form.

Sample Application

This form is an example for applicants in how to complete a good quality application for Technical Assistance.