Case Studies

Case studies promoting collective experiences seeking to strengthen community-led approach within public health emergency response

Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Leading to Outreach for COVID-19 Awareness


The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness about COVID-19 among impoverished communities and to leverage the facilities of the already established youth project – ‘Adolescent Girls Education Empowerment and Participation Project’.

The strategy involved the adaptation of a communication training programme to better support youth volunteers reaching out to communities and producing solutions to address needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. During the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the young volunteers were trained to communicate and encouraged citizens in villages and towns across the regions involved to seek out their first doses of the vaccine too.

The ‘Adolescent Girls Education Empowerment and Participation Project’ was funded by the UNICEF National Committee of France.

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Bissau Guinea, Empowerment, girls, Youth