I’m trying to engage with my local communities, but nothing is working. How can I get data from them about the COVID information they’re receiving?

For starting data collection with communities, you can start by a solid ideation process. This preparation step will help you to address the right solution for you and targeted communities. You will find this ideation tool which will help you to frame your needs and design the tools. In order to engage as soon as possible the communities on the process, we recommend to work through these tools with community members then they will help you to identify potential bottlenecks. In parallel, working with them at the beginning will ensure you get their buying and support in the implementation phase.
In addition, here a link to CEA guidelines. Module 6 will help you to explore different options for collecting data with/from communities. You could also find many resources in the Community Engagement Hub on community feedback.
For more specific questions related to community engagement strategy, please reach out to the Collective Helpdesk.

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March 31, 2022 11:30 am