Communicating on COVID-19 Vaccines in a Changing Environment

This guidance is intended for those who are involved at the national and sub-national level in the design and delivery of demand and communication strategies on COVID-19 vaccination. It describes key considerations to ensure that these strategies adapt to the needs of communities and builds on existing technical guidance for generating demand for COVID-19 vaccines. Many governments are now rolling out more than one type of COVID-19 vaccine. This changing environment makes it challenging to communicate about different vaccines. It is important to understand the most up-to-date vaccine demand and access information before designing communication messages. This guide describes key information to have before communicating with the public and media, outline message elements to consider for vaccine updates, and provide tips for how to manage expectations, build community trust, and prepare health workers.

Explainer: Are some COVID-19 vaccines better than others?

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Authors: Vaccination Demand Hub
Year of publication: 2021
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Content type:  Strategy, Tool
Areas of work: Social science
Region: Global

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