Community Engagement For COVID-19

Community Engagement For COVID-19

Community Engagement for high impact interventions to fight COVID-19

A Community Engagement Training Package for COVID-19 – Latest revision Febuary 2021


Cross-pillar training is a generic set of modules with practical guidance and training materials to strengthen COVID-19 response through community engagement.

 It is meant for national and local authorities to adapt to the country context and use for capacity building of local capacity.


  • National and local authorities in charge of RCCE and/or Case management in a country in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.
  • Community leaders, local leaders, NGOs and Community Based Organizations in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.
  • Health workers, Community Health workers and volunteers in the Eastern and Southern Africa region

Training modules and sessions

Building Behavioural Insights
Screening and testing
Contact Tracing
Health care and Isolation
Preventive Measures
Vaccine Willingness

Key training resources

Behavioural Insights

To build introductory knowledge on the role of communities to fight COVID-19, common gaps and barriers in knowledge, attitude practice.

Case Detection and Early Care Seeking

To equip participants with the skills to mobilize community and support early case detection/early care seeking

WHO infographic COVID-19 symptoms
Visual aid to teach communities about the importance of early case detection and early care seeking

Animation: The story of coronavirus

Flipchart for Community Mobilizers

Case detection among vulnerable groups: COVID-19 and asylum seekers, refugees and migrants


Ngonidzashe Mac Nyambawaro

ESAR Country Surge Support