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Data Handbook for Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)


The Collective Service has developed a Data Handbook for Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) for promoting the use of data for RCCE in humanitarian or public health emergency responses.

The purpose of this handbook is to provide an outline description of the processes involved in the use of data for risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) for COVID-19, and to provide links to useful resources.  The Data Handbook includes guidance on Information Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Sciences and Community Feedback for humanitarian as well as public health emergency responses.

Published by the Collective Service (UNICEF, WHO/GOARN & IFRC) the handbook will be of interest to governments, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and academic and community actors. It can also be used for regional and global RCCE. While the handbook has been written specifically for the response to COVID-19, it is hoped that it will be useful for responses to other emergency situations. It has been written as a ‘living document’ that can be continually updated. It is intended that the Handbook will take a web format in future iterations.

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