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Strategy |?The Collective Service

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) in Public Health Emergencies, including COVID-19: Interim Guidance
This guidance is drawn from global best practice of Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) coordination, developed over the nearly two years since this pillar was established during the COVID-19 response, and from other public health emergency responses. 

Guidance |?

Guidance note for delivering the social science training package
This training package and competency framework were developed to address these gaps by providing a set of modules with practical guidance to be adapted and used at the local level.

Article, Report |?

Evidence Demonstrating Impact – RCTs and Systematic Review Research Data
The purpose of this work is to provide yourself and others in our common field of work with simple, brief, easily accessible, highly credible impact data that can enhance your programming action, policy development and funding initiatives.

Article |?

(Mis)communication? Social Listening and the Exclusion of Marginalised Voices
This paper suggests that presenting social media data as an accurate depiction of community-wide insights has the potential to misrepresent community perceptions and to silence and marginalise vulnerable groups.

Article |?

Community Health Workers in Pandemics: Evidence and Investment Implications
This commentary reviews the critical roles of CHWs during pandemics and discusses how rethinking common bi/multilateral aid and private philanthropic investment practices can help create resilient health systems everywhere.

Article |?

A Global Strategy to Manage the Long-Term Risks of COVID-19

Toolkit |?

IFRC Epidemic Control Toolkit
The Epidemic Control Toolkit provides guidance on evidence-based methods to prevent and control the spread of epidemics at the community-level, and guidance on appropriate referral and basic care for the sick.

Report |?

COVID-19 Research and Innovation: Powering the world’s pandemic response – now and in the future
The development of effective COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and public health interventions alone has provided humanity with some hope for the future. This updated report once again brings a spotlight to the immense and tireless global research effort to control COVID-19.

Article |?Internews

(Mis)communication? Social listening and the exclusion of marginalised voices
This article aims to contribute to the growing scholarship on the use of social media by humanitarian organisations in a crisis.

Briefing |?HelpAge

Vaccine manifesto for senior citizens
This is a vaccine manifesto for elderly people developed by HelpAge International.

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