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Guidance |?The Collective Service

Operational guidance insights drawn from good practices on Youth Engagement and Leadership in COVID-19 response
The case studies from Federated States of Micronesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Jordan, Australia and Asia South-Pacific region demonstrate good practices by youth-oriented organizations and networks in youth engagement and leadership in the COVID-19 response. The challenges addressed in these...

Website |?Knowledge Success

Impact of COVID-19 on Family Planning in Africa and Asia
Explore interactive charts for seven countries in Africa and Asia to find answers to how COVID-19 impacted contraceptive use and learn about three country experiences successfully adapting their programs.

Report |?IFRC, Malaysian Red Crescent, WHO

COVID-19: Community perceptions in Malaysia
This report analyses community perceptions of COVID-19 in Malaysia to understand the communities’ knowledge, questions and communication preferences around COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines.

Evaluation |?Search for Common Ground

Handling Harmful Content Online: Cross-National Perspectives of Users Affected by Conflict

Case study, Evaluation, Methodology, Tool |?

Undertaking Rapid Assessments and Real-time Monitoring in the COVID-19 Context: Lessons from UNICEF South Asia
Drawing on the documented experiences of nine rapid assessments covering six countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), this report shares insights with regard to the design and implementation of rapid assessments in a pandemic context.

Case study, Evaluation |?

Gender and COVID-19 Vaccines: Listening to Women-Focused Organizations in Asia and the Pacific
This report provides a picture of emerging gendered barriers to COVID-19 vaccine uptake and supply, supplemented by analyses drawn from a virtual listening session with women-focused organisations (WFOs) on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Asia and the Pacific.

Evaluation |?JAMA Health Forum

Factors Associated With Chinese Adults’ Vaccine Acceptance
Turning COVID-19 vaccines into vaccinations is a critical step to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. It is thus imperative to understand the disparities in COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and identify approaches to improve vaccination rates. The aim of this study was to...

Article |?University of Macau

Attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccines in Chinese college students
This study examined the attitudes of Chinese college students toward COVID-19 vaccines and their associated factors.

Article |?Sun Yat-sen University

An online survey of the attitude and willingness of Chinese adults to receive COVID-19 vaccination
This study aimed to understand the willingness and determinants for the acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine among Chinese adults.

Article |?Beijing Normal University, Brown University School of Public Health

Interest in COVID-19 vaccine trials participation among young adults in China: Willingness, reasons for hesitancy, and demographic and psychosocial determinants
With the demand for rapid COVID-19 vaccine development and evaluation, this paper aimed to describe the prevalence and correlates of willingness to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials among university students in China.

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