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Evaluation, Presentation |?

Social Listening for COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence in Middle East and North Africa
This presentation provides insights into good practices and experiences from selected country offices on vaccine confidence in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Evaluation, Report |?

COVID-19 Vaccines Online Social Listening Report in EM/MENAR
This report highlights the latest biweekly online and social media discourse related to COVID-19 vaccines in the Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East and North Africa (EM/MENA) region, primarily monitored using Talkwalker platform.

Guidance |?UNDP

WhatsApp Surveying Guide Lessons Learnt from Two Qualitative WhatsApp Surveys in Lebanon
This guide provides an overview of the key considerations and practical steps involved in qualitative WhatsApp surveying.

Evaluation |?

Evidence Review: COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance by Key Influencers in the MENA Region – Teachers and Healthworkers
This review synthesises evidence on vaccine acceptance among two key groups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: teachers and health workers.

Case study |?

‘Learn from the lessons and don’t forget them’: identifying transferable lessons for COVID-19 from meningitis A, yellow fever and Ebola virus disease vaccination campaigns
This study sought to identify transferable lessons for COVID-19 vaccination from the rollout of three vaccines that targeted adult groups in Africa and South America: MenAfriVac (meningitis A); 17D (yellow fever) and rVSV-ZEBOV (Ebola virus disease).


Regional guiding RCCE framework for the COVID-19 response in the Eastern Mediterranean Region/Middle East and North Africa
This framework emphasises the need to localize efforts, to move beyond the idea of a single national response and towards coordinating multiple simultaneous responses that reflect a deeper understanding of the needs of different parts of each community, in collaboration...

Report |?SSHAP

Data Synthesis: COVID-19 Vaccine Perceptions in Africa: Social and Behavioural Science Data, March 2020 – March 2021


Community Engagement and Accountability: COVID-19 perceptions survey
This report presents highlights from the COVID-19 perceptions survey of Red Cross/Red Crescent (RCRC) volunteers across the Africa region. The goal is to gain insights into how the pandemic and the RCRC’s response are perceived and experienced across Africa.

Case study |?WHO Afro

Novel Approach to Support Rapid Data Collection, Management, and Visualization During the COVID-19 Outbreak Response in the World Health Organization African Region: Development of a Data Summarization and Visualization Tool
The aim of this study is to review the design, development, and implementation of the COVID-19 Data Summarization and Visualization (DSV) tool as a rapidly deployable solution to fill this critical data collection gap as an interim solution.

Article |?King Abdulaziz University

Acceptability of a COVID-19 Vaccine Among Healthcare Workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
This study aims to determine the acceptability of a COVID-19 vaccine among healthcare workers in Saudi Arabia and the factors affecting their intention to accept the vaccine.

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