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Guidance |?WHO

Community conversation kit: everyday conversations to protect community health against infectious disease

Toolkit |?WHO

Risk communication and community engagement readiness and response toolkit: yellow fever

Toolkit |?WHO

Risk communication and community engagement readiness and response toolkit mpox

Report |?AfricaCDC, IFRC, UNICEF, WHO

RCCE Cross Border Training Report April 2024

Guidance |?GTFCC

This guide was developed to contribute to the Global Task Force on Cholera Control Interim Guiding Document to Support Countries for the Development of their National Cholera Plans. It focuses on the integration of community engagement approaches. This guidance has...

Tool |?WHO

WHO benchmarks for strengthening health emergency capacities – Updated Version

Report, Strategy |?WHO

Emergency preparedness, readiness and response plan for cholera in the WHO European Region
This document provides overarching guidance and facilitates coherence on strategic objectives and priority activities for cholera preparedness, readiness and response in the WHO European Region – primarily focusing on two priority countries: Türkiye and Ukraine.

Tool |?SSHAP, The Collective Service

Cholera Questions Bank
This resource is a menu of qualitative and quantitative questions related to socio-behavioural factors and cholera. It seeks to facilitate the collection of quality data on community’s capacity, behaviours, practices and perceptions in relation to cholera prevention and management. It...

Methodology, Strategy |?UNICEF

A Behavioural Playbook for Public Health Responses
This playbook focuses on Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) solutions to public health crises, drawing upon promising SBC initiatives that were deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The playbook has been created as...

Guidance, Tool |?IFRC

Community Engagement and Accountability in Emergencies: Research and Tools
This document outlines the key findings of a research project in Africa and across regions to better understand community engagement in emergency response operations. The research conducted, provides guidance on how to prioritize the needed actions to engage communities and...

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