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Guidance |?UNFPA

Guidance Note for Applying a Human Rights-Based Approach to Programming in UNFPA

Resource list |?Eastern Washington University

Intersectional Responses to COVID-19

Webinar |?BBC Media Action

Webinar: Role of media in addressing stigma

Toolkit, Website |?Feminist Response to COVID-19

How to ensure a rights-based intersectional feminist COVID response
As feminists – organizations and activists, working across global movements centered on human rights, sustainable development, and economic and social justice – we have come together in a moment of collective organizing to outline key principles for a just and...

Guidance |?European Commission

Tackling coronavirus disinformation: Getting The Facts Right
The coronavirus pandemic has been accompanied by a massive wave of false and misleading information, attempts by foreign actors to influence domestic debates in the EU, breeding on the fertile ground of people’s most basic anxieties and the rapidly changing...

Guidance |?

Vaccine Misinformation Management Field Guide

Tool |?

New Guidance on measuring Results in Social and Behaviour Change communication programming

Guidance |?

How to spot and tackle disinformation on COVID vaccines

Evaluation |?

Effectiveness of public health measures in reducing COVID-19 incidence, transmission, and mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis
This study aims to review the evidence on the effectiveness of public health measures in reducing the incidence of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and COVID-19 mortality.

Report |?Turkish Red Crescent

COVID-19 Rumour Tracking Report
With the support of IFRC, the Turkish Red Crescent have been collecting rumours on COVID-19 related issues from the community through KAP assessment and feedback mechanisms to monitor, address and cover information gaps, beliefs and misconceptions.

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