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Article |?The University of Jordan

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Worldwide: A Concise Systematic Review of Vaccine Acceptance Rates
The aim of this review is to provide an up-to-date assessment of COVID-19 vaccination acceptance rates worldwide.

Article |?Universitas Syiah Kuala

Acceptance of a COVID-19 Vaccine in Southeast Asia: A Cross-Sectional Study in Indonesia
This study was conducted to assess the acceptance of a 50 or 95% effective COVID-19 vaccine, when it becomes available in southeast Asia, among the general population in Indonesia.

Article |?Babcock University

Assessment of Knowledge, Perception and Readiness of Nigerians to Participate in the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
This survey was conducted to assess the knowledge, perception and readiness of Nigerians to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

Article |?CDC

COVID‐19 vaccination intent, perceptions, and reasons for not vaccinating among groups prioritized for early vaccination — United States, September and December 2020
This article describes perceptions of the COVID‐19 vaccine among US adults.


Factors Associated with COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
This study aims to assess and identify factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Portugal.


Perception of COVID-19 Vaccination Amongst Physicians in Colombia
This study’s objective was to assess the perception of COVID-19 vaccination amongst Colombian physicians featuring two different scenarios of COVID-19 vaccination.


Knowledge and attitudes toward vaccination: A survey of Serbian students
These findings demonstrate general positive attitudes of Serbian students toward immunization, as well as possible knowledge gaps among the population.


Measuring the impact of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on vaccination intent in the UK and USA

Article |?Fujian Medical University

Understanding COVID-19 vaccine demand and hesitancy: A nationwide online survey in China
This study investigates vaccine demand and hesitancy by assessing the intention to vaccinate against COVID-19 and willingness-to-pay.

Article |?University College London

Attitudes towards vaccines and intention to vaccinate against COVID-19: Implications for public health communications
An estimate of predictors of four domains of negative attitudes towards vaccines and identify groups most at risk of uncertainty and unwillingness to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in a large sample of UK adults.

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