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Article |?University of Barcelona

A global survey of potential acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine

Briefing |?SSHAP

Rapid Review: Vaccine Hesitancy and Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccination
This brief draws on social science literature and informal interviews with experts to illustrate that vaccine hesitancy is more complex and context-specific, and often reflects diverse, everyday anxieties.

Briefing |?SSHAP

Rapid Review: Perceptions of COVID-19 vaccines in South Africa
This review syntheses community perceptions of COVID-19 vaccines in South Africa to inform RCCE strategies and policies and provides examples of successful practice.

Report |?IPSOS, World Economic Forum

Global attitudes on a COVID-19 vaccine – Ipsos survey for The World Economic Forum
In the Ipsos survey of more than 18,000 adults from 15 countries conducted in partnership with the World Economic Forum, 73% say they would get a vaccine for COVID-19 if it were available.

Report |?KFF

KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Attitudes Towards COVID-19 Vaccination Among Black Women and Men 

Article |?University of Melbourne

Intention to vaccinate against COVID-19 in Australia
An intention-to-vaccinate analysis in a nationally representative sample of Australian parents during June 15–23, 2020.

Article |?Yale

Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in the US
This article presesnts surveys among the U.S. adult population in May 2020 to understand risk perceptions about the COVID-19 pandemic, acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine, and trust in sources of information.

Briefing |?CREID, IDS, ODI

Death and Funerary Practices in the Context of Epidemics: Upholding the Rights of Religious Minorities
This working paper explores the challenges that emerge when public health measures to mitigate the risk of infection during an epidemic infringe on the rights of religious communities to say a final farewell to their loved ones according to their...

Briefing |?SSHAP

The Context of Équateur Province, DRC
This brief summarises key considerations about the context of Équateur Province in relation to the outbreak, June 2018.

Strategy |?SSHAP

Engaging Twa Communities in Équateur Province
This brief summarises key socio-anthropological considerations regarding ‘indigenous communities’ in the context of the outbreak of Ebola in the DRC, June 2018.

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