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Briefing |?SSHAP

In-Focus: COVID-19, Uncertainty, Vulnerability and Recovery in India
This paper addresses COVID-19 in India, looking at how the interplay of inequality, vulnerability, and the pandemic has compounded uncertainties for poor and marginalised groups, leading to insecurity, stigma and a severe loss of livelihoods.

Case study |?CASS, UNICEF

Impacts de la réponse COVID-19 sur la santé communautaire en RDC: Analyses Multidisciplinaires Intégrées des Épidémies
Ce document a été élaboré par la Cellule d’Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS) sous l’égide de la Commission de Gestion des Informations de la Réponse multisectorielle à l’épidémie de COVID-19 en RDC.


Key Considerations: Operational Considerations for Building Community Resilience for COVID-19 Response and Recovery
This brief presents considerations for how health and humanitarian practitioners can support communities to respond to and recover from COVID-19 using a community resilience approach.

Case study |?CASS

The impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak response on women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Case study |?Erlha

COVID-19 in Gaza: Community Perspectives on the Pandemic


COVID-19 response: mitigating negative impacts on other areas of health

Briefing |?SSHAP

Key Considerations: Indigenous Peoples in COVID-19 Response and Recovery
This SSHAP brief discusses key considerations for COVID-19 response and recovery, with a particular focus on the Amazon region of South America.

Briefing |?SSHAP

Smart Cities and COVID-19: Implications for Data Ecosystems from Lessons Learned in India
This brief distils best data practice recommendations through consideration of key issues involved in the use of technology for surveillance, fact-checking and coordinated control during a crisis or emergency response in resource-constrained urban contexts.


SSHAP Roundtable: 2021 Ebola Outbreak in Guinea
SSHAP convened a virtual roundtable of expert advisors on Friday 12 March 2021 to discuss the outbreak of Ebola in Guinea declared on 14 February 2021.


Lessons Learned from 2014–2016 Ebola Outbreak in Guinea: A Review of RCCE Related Publications
This report reviews the 46 published reports of Ebola-related activities undertaken during the 2013–2016 outbreak in Guinea.

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