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Social Science Assistance: Sample Application
This form is an example for applicants in how to complete a good quality application for Technical Assistance.


Social Science Technical Assistance: Guidance Note
This document provides information you need to apply for technical assistance. Please read in detail through the explanations as they help you to answer the questions in the application form.


Misinformation: A Strategic Approach
The Sabin Vaccine Institute and UNICEF hosted a webinar in October 2020, "Misinformation: a strategic approach", to discuss strategies for immunization professionals to manage vaccination misinformation.

Strategy |?

Core Commitments for Children Humanitarian Action

Article |?

Lessons From the West Africa Ebola Epidemic: A Systematic Review of Epidemiological and Social and Behavioral Science Research Priorities
This systematic literature review compared the epidemiological (EPI) research and the qualitative social and behavioural science (SBS) research published during the West Africa Ebola virus disease (EVD) epidemic.

Case study |?United Nations

Rapid COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Assessment for evidence-based communication strategy in Nigeria –2020

Guidance |?World Bank

Mobile Phone Panel Surveys in Developing Countries: A Practical Guide for Microdata Collection
The purpose of this collection of seven chapters is to contribute to the development of the new field of mobile phone data collection in developing countries.

Tool |?

Satisfaction questionnaire template
An example satisfaction questionnaire template from the IFRC, which can be used as part of a satisfaction survey or in a focus group discussion.

Report |?UNICEF

BeSD survey for Health Workers
COVAX BeSD Health workers survey results – Kenya

Report |?UNICEF

Human-centered design (HCD) rapid inquiry in an urban community of Oromia Region​
This report documents and catalogues the work of the Oromia team through every step of the human-centred design process.

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