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Website |?Knowledge Success

Impact of COVID-19 on Family Planning in Africa and Asia
Explore interactive charts for seven countries in Africa and Asia to find answers to how COVID-19 impacted contraceptive use and learn about three country experiences successfully adapting their programs.

Toolkit |?Health Communication Capacity Collaborative, USAID

Implementation kit for Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) in Emergencies
The purpose of the Social and Behavior Change Communication for Emergency Preparedness Implementation Kit is to provide a set of key considerations for SBCC activities in emergency situations.

Strategy, Toolkit |?

SBC strategies for Early Childhood Development with practical tools, templates, and case scenarios.
Here you can find SBC strategies for Early Childhood Development with examples of practical tools, templates, and case scenarios in the attachments.

Guidance |?WHO

Conducting community engagement for COVID-19 vaccines: Interim guidance
This document contains tips and discussion topics to be considered in vaccine delivery and demand, as well as guiding steps to ensure a safe and community-centered approach when conducting community engagement activities.

Training materials |?UNICEF

Demand Generation/Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) for COVID-19 Vaccine
This training module is intended for progamme planners who are responsible for planning the demand generation/advocacy communication and social mobilization (ACSM) strategies and plans for COVID-19 vaccine introduction.

Tool |?

Rapid Behavioral Assessment and Message Testing to Strengthen Immunization among Rohingyas


RCCE 10 Steps to Community Readiness
A practical tool to conduct rapid assessment to assess and identify an audience, their behaviors, and drivers for behaviors before designing interventions.

Guidance |?The Collective Service

Risk Communication and Community Engagement Indicator Guidance for COVID-19
In this document the Collective Service provides interim indicator guidance for the M&E of risk communication and community engagement activities for COVID-19. The indicator guidance can be used to monitor progress in implementing activities and to evaluate the RCCE response...

Article |?

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines During Pregnancy: New Evidence to Help Address Vaccine Hesitancy
In this issue of JAMA, 2 population-based observational retrospective studies evaluating outcomes in more than 250 000 pregnancies from 3 countries together provide the strongest evidence to date regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy.

Article |?

Digital approaches to enhancing community engagement in clinical trials
This narrative review examines three key areas for digital approaches to deepen community engagement in clinical trials—the use of digital technology for trial processes to decentralize trials, digital crowdsourcing to develop trial components, and digital qualitative research methods.

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