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UNICEF’s social protection response to COVID-19
Strengthening social protection systems before, during and after crises.

Project document |?UNICEF

Averting a lost COVID generation
A six-point plan to respond, recover and reimagine a post-pandemic world for every child.


Extreme Heat during the COVID-19 Pandemic
This year Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies are dealing with the dual risks of COVID-19 and extreme heat, amongst many other compound disasters.

|?WHO Europe

Pandemic fatigue: reinvigorating the public to prevent COVID-19
This document provides a framework for the planning and implementation of national and subnational strategies to maintain and reinvigorate public support to prevent COVID-19.

Tool, Training materials |?IFRC, Kenya Red Cross, Mozambique Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross

Community-led solutions package
A collection of resources, including webinar recordings, PPT presentations and guidance notes, on using community-led solutions in the fight against COVID-19.


Key tips and discussion points: For community workers, volunteers and community networks
Tip and discussion points for community workers, volunteers and community networks working on COVID-19 produced by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF.

Project document |?IFRC

Least Protected, Most Affected: Migrants and refugees facing extraordinary risks during the COVID-19 pandemic
From the outset of the pandemic, and on a global basis since January 2020, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have been on the ground working to prevent, address and respond to the Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Strategy |?University of Brighton

Key Guidelines in Developing a Pre-Emptive COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Promotion Strategy
This paper makes the case for immediate planning for a COVID-19 vaccination uptake strategy in advance of vaccine availability for two reasons: first, the need to build a consensus about the order in which groups of the population will get...


COVID-19 Faith in Action Guidance Documents
At this moment of crisis, the following thematic guidance documents have been prepared to guide religious leaders and faith communities on the key issues and actions that they can take in preventing and addressing the diseases and its secondary effects....

Strategy |?IASC, OCHA

Global Humanitarian Response Plan COVID-19 – July Update

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