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Strategy |?IASC, OCHA

Global Humanitarian Response Plan COVID-19 – July Update


Page COVID-19 & stigma: How to prevent and address social stigma in your community
The coronavirus' spread and global reach has been a source of concern and a call for collective action to prevent the virus from spreading further. While you may be feeling worried about how to stay safe amidst this pandemic, it...

Guidance |?IFRC, Johns Hopkins University, Save the Children

COVID-19 Planning Guide for Adapting Risk Communication and Community Engagement as Public Health and Social Measures Shift: With Safety Tips for Conducting Community Meetings
This operational tool will help organizations plan safe in-person community meetings, with RCCE considerations to ensure prevention measures are maintained as PHSMs shift.

Tool |?Ready Initiative

Step-by-Step: Engaging Communities during COVID-19
This user-friendly guide will help advance meaningful community engagement to address the effects of COVID19 on the health and well-being of communities, and could be adapted for use in child protection, education, gender-based violence, or other programming needs. The guide...

Briefing |?UNFPA

Risk Communication and Community Engagement with Young People Left Behind During COVID-19
To help tackle how COVID-19 is upending young people’s lives, briefs under “My life” cover comprehensive sexuality education, risk communication with those young people left behind and girls’ empowerment, particularly as it relates to child marriage.

Tool |?ODI

Tips for collecting primary data in a Covid-19 era
This document bring together experiences of, and resources for, collecting remote primary data in a Covid-19 era. These materials come from books, journal articles, newspaper articles, blogs and webpages, and include experiences of doing participatory, qualitative and quantitative research, through...

Briefing |?HPG, ODI

COVID-19: a watershed moment for collective approaches to community engagement?
Effective communication and community engagement (CCE) is a critical component of the response to Covid-19 in humanitarian settings. CCE has a vital role to play in supporting affected people to make informed decisions, manage risk, and highlight their evolving needs...

|?Ready Initiative

An interagency guidance note on working with communities in high density settings to plan local approaches to preventing and managing COVID-19
This practical guidance note is intended for anyone involved in COVID-19 risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) efforts in complex and fragile settings in Africa, which includes refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps and informal urban settlements.


Community-based health care, including outreach and campaigns, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
Community-based health care is an essential part of primary care at all times; in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the distinct capacity of trusted community members for social engagement and delivering care where it is needed is ever more...


Tips for engaging communities during COVID-19 in low-resource settings, remotely and in-person
This brief provides key considerations for engaging communities on COVID-19 and tips for how to engage where there are movement restrictions and physical distancing measures in place, particularly in low-resource settings.

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