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Guidance |?ACAPS

Social Science in Humanitarian Action Rapid Anthropological Assessments in the Field
This SSHAP Practical Approaches brief provides guidance on undertaking rapid anthropological assessments in the context of an epidemic.

Guidance, Methodology |?UNICEF

The Behavioural Drivers Model: A conceptual framework for social and behaviour change programming

Briefing |?ACAPS

How Sure Are You? Judging Quality and Usability of Data Collected during Rapid Needs Assessments
The objective of this technical brief is to provide guidance on how you could assess the quality of information used as evidence for decision making during humanitarian needs assessments.


The collective service: supporting a community-centred approach to deliver effective and sustainable covid-19 response

Tool |?UCL

The Rapid Assessment of Vulnerable Populations. A ‘Barefoot’ Manual (UCL)
This manual focuses on the Rapid Assessment of Vulnerable Populations. It outlines a structure through which information can be captured regarding service utilization, social and cultural capital analysis, community engagement vectors, and the identification of hidden populations and unrecognized case definitions of vulnerability.

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