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Evaluation, Report |?

Vaccination status of migrants in Turkey
The third round of the survey on the vaccination status of refugees in Turkey was carried out by the TRCS Health and Psychosocial Support Program and IFRC team members.

Briefing, Case study |?

Practical Tips on Engaging Adolescents and Youth in the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response
The purpose of this brief is to provide practical tips for UNICEF country offices, partners and young people themselves on engaging adolescents and youth as part of the COVID-19 preparedness and response.

Case study, Evaluation |?IOM

Migrant Inclusion in COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns
A lack of clarity remains and is reported in several countries (over 60 countries) regarding the level of access to the vaccine that different categories of migrants already have or will be able to have in practice.

Case study |?IOM, Migration Policy Institute Europe

Driving Migrant Inclusion through Social Innovation
This report is mainly based on research conducted as part of the ADMin4ALL project on “Supporting Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Migrants in Europe” in cities and towns in Southern as well as Central and Eastern Europe that have faced particularly...

Guidance |?IFRC, OCHA, WHO

COVID-19: How to include marginalized and vulnerable people in risk communication and community engagement

Article |?UNICEF

In-person schooling and COVID-19 transmission- A Review of the Evidence

Guidance |?Compact for Young People

IASC Guidelines on Working with and for Young People in Humanitarian and Protracted Crises

Guidance |?

COVID-19: Working with and for young people

Guidance |?

Community media of communication, protection and nutrition of children against COVID-19

Guidance |?UNICEF

Derechos de la niñez y nutrición infantil para empresas

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