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Toolkit |?

Social Media for Behaviour Change Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to be helpful to anyone who wants to use social media to bring about positive behaviour change regarding disaster risk reduction among people in their community or other groups they serve.

Report |?Georgian Red Cross

Public attitudes and perceptions towards COVID-19 vaccines in Georgia
A report based on a survey carried out in September and October 2021 which sought to gain a better understanding of the public’s perceptions towards the COVID-19 vaccination in Georgia.

Briefing, Case study, Guidance |?

Perceptions survey on COVID-19 vaccination in Ukraine
A summary of a survey on community perceptions on COVID-19 vaccination in Ukraine conducted by the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Guidance |?

Healthy Parents, Healthy Child Guidance Book
This publication offers guidelines for implementation of evidence-based strategies, following primary health care approach, during the pre-conception and prenatal period for promoting the health of parents, mothers, and newborns.

Article |?University College London

Attitudes towards vaccines and intention to vaccinate against COVID-19: Implications for public health communications

Toolkit |?Catalyst Health Network

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit

Guidance |?UNFPA

Guidance Note for Applying a Human Rights-Based Approach to Programming in UNFPA

Resource list |?Eastern Washington University

Intersectional Responses to COVID-19

Webinar |?BBC Media Action

Webinar: Role of media in addressing stigma

Toolkit, Website |?Feminist Response to COVID-19

How to ensure a rights-based intersectional feminist COVID response
As feminists – organizations and activists, working across global movements centered on human rights, sustainable development, and economic and social justice – we have come together in a moment of collective organizing to outline key principles for a just and...

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