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Case study |?UNICEF

Risk communication and community engagement driving innovations in the COVID-19 response in South Asia

Article |?Washington University

The Syndemic of COVID-19 and gender-based violence in humanitarian settings: Leveraging lessons from Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Guidance |?Faith4PositiveChange

COVID-19 faith based organizations training

Report |?IOM, The Collective Service, UNICEF

Data 4 Action: RCCE for COVID-19 Vaccine Demand in Eastern and Southern Africa
The vulnerabilities of asylum seekers, refugees and foreign-born migrants have been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Migrant-inclusive approaches, particularly regarding COVID-19 vaccination, need to be considered to avoid harmful consequences, minimize hardship, as well as reduce public health risk.

Toolkit |?Mercy Corps

How to target decision-makers and policy-makers for advocacy
This presentation is for the facilitation of community-based action planning related to COVID-19 and vaccines

Resource list |?Johns Hopkins University

Resource mobilisation: A primer for SBCC organisations

Toolkit |?AHRQ

Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, 2nd Edition

Tool, Toolkit, Training materials |?

Partners In Health (PIH) United States COVID-19 Vaccine Community Leader Mobilization Training
This resource deck is intended for use in training messengers and community leaders to conduct community-based outreach and education around the COVID-19 vaccine.

Article |?George Institute for Global Health

A rapid review of evidence on the determinants of and strategies for COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in low- and middle-income countries
The objective of this review is to describe the determinants of vaccine acceptance and strategies to address those in an Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) context.

Toolkit |?

Social Media for Behaviour Change Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to be helpful to anyone who wants to use social media to bring about positive behaviour change regarding disaster risk reduction among people in their community or other groups they serve.

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