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Article |?Nottingham Trent University

Doing it for us: Community identification predicts willingness to receive a COVID-19 vaccination via perceived sense of duty to the community
This study draws upon the Social Identity Approach, which posits that people's membership of social groups is consequential for their thoughts and behaviour.

Article |?Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CASS, GOARN, UNICEF, University of Liberia, University of Oxford, University of Washington, WHO

A review and agenda for integrated disease models including social and behavioural factors
A review of the current modelling methodologies and describe the challenges and opportunities for integrating them with social science research and RCCE practice.

Evaluation, Tool |?

Data synthesis: public perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccinations (July 2021)
This analysis is the first of a series of data syntheses from the RCCE Collective Service. It focuses on public perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccinations.


Voice, agency, empowerment
Handbook on social participation for universal health coverage.

Tool |?WHO

Managing family risk: A facilitator’s toolbox for empowering families to manage risks during COVID-19
This toolbox in 2 parts offers best practice approaches to community engagement with families.

Tool |?WHO

A family toolbox for managing health and happiness during COVID-19
This toolbox in 2 parts offers best practice approaches to community engagement with families.


Community Engagement and Accountability: COVID-19 perceptions survey
This report presents highlights from the COVID-19 perceptions survey of Red Cross/Red Crescent (RCRC) volunteers across the Africa region. The goal is to gain insights into how the pandemic and the RCRC’s response are perceived and experienced across Africa.

Briefing |?

Localized communication minimizes the impact of Ebola in DRC


Accountability to affected people: Stuck in the weeds
This practice paper provides a summary of the evaluations and reviews that have concluded that accountability to affected people is not having its intended impact. It goes on to provide possible explanations for this failure with a focus on the...

Guidance |?WHO

Operational guide for engaging communities in contact tracing
The purpose of this guidance is to reinforce the place of community engagement and participation in the contact tracing process.

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