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Case study |?SSHAP

Learning about COVID-19-related stigma, quarantine and isolation experiences in Finland
The findings of this study can be used to improve support for those quarantined or isolated and to develop strategies to reduce the stigma associated with coronavirus and COVID-19.


Addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: is official communication the key?
This study assesses whether brief written statements about COVID-19 vaccination that addressed personal benefits, collective benefits, safety concerns, or the seriousness of the pandemic could reduce vaccine hesitancy when added to the National Health Service's official statement on vaccine safety...

Case study |?WHO Afro

Novel Approach to Support Rapid Data Collection, Management, and Visualization During the COVID-19 Outbreak Response in the World Health Organization African Region: Development of a Data Summarization and Visualization Tool
The aim of this study is to review the design, development, and implementation of the COVID-19 Data Summarization and Visualization (DSV) tool as a rapidly deployable solution to fill this critical data collection gap as an interim solution.

Article |?University of Sussex

Engaging ‘communities’: anthropological insights from the West African Ebola epidemic
This article reflects on the nature of community engagement during the Ebola epidemic and demonstrates a disjuncture between local realities and what is being imagined in post-Ebola reports about the lessons that need to be learned for the future.


Perceptions around sexual exploitation and abuse and barriers to community-based reporting

Article |?University of Sussex

Spillover or endemic? Reconsidering the origins of Ebola virus disease outbreaks by revisiting local accounts in light of new evidence from Guinea

Article |?American University of Beirut

Mental health research in response to the COVID-19, Ebola, and H1N1 outbreaks: A comparative bibliometric analysis
The objective of this study is to use bibliometric analyses to assess the mental health research output related to the COVID-19 pandemic and compare it to that of the West Africa Ebola and H1N1 outbreaks.

Briefing |?CASS, UNICEF

Etude comportementale : réorienter les communautés vers les structures de santé appuyées en PCI

Briefing |?CASS

Refus et réticences aux interventions de la réponse Ebola : note de synthèse de l’étude menée par la CASS

Article |?CASS

Recommandations clés de la Cellule d’Analyse en Sciences Sociales pour les équipes de réponse contre la MVE

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