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Considérations éthiques dans le travail de terrain
Ces considérations clés ont été développé pour guider le travail sur le terrain.


Rapid Guide to Describing a Survey Methodology
IndiKit’s Rapid Guides respond to aid workers’ demand for short and useful guidance on a range of survey-related topics. This resource provides a rapid overview about how to develop clearly described survey methodolgy.


CASS Methodology Guide – analysing qualitative data


The participatory research toolkit for norms measurement
The toolkit focuses on participatory methods and brings together instruments that have been used as part of larger research projects in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), including the development, testing and validation of ACT Framework for...


What We Know about Ethical Research Involving Children in Humanitarian Settings – An overview of principles, the literature and case studies
This working paper identifies and explores the issues that should be considered when undertaking ethical research involving children in humanitarian settings.


Protocole CASS pour les études connaissances, attitudes et pratiques
Ce guide pratique détaillé complète le protocole CAP (Word) et fournit des instructions étape par étape avec des visuels.


Data Cleaning: Steps to Clean Data
This guidance provides a detailed overview of the different steps to clean data which is vital to ensure validity and reliability.

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Enquête par entretiens individuels semi-structurés
Ce module explique comment mener une enquete qualitative par entretiens semi-structure y compris le role de l'enqueteur, des considerations ethiques, les responsabilites des chercheurs, comment conduire un entretien qualitatif et/ou semi-structure.

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Research Ethics Tool
The Research Ethics Tool has been developed to provide guidance on research ethics for public health researchers interested in applying to the R2HC programme and also for other researchers working in humanitarian crisis contexts.

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Présentations et développement des recommandations
Cet outil donne des directions comment communiquer d'une manière efficace les résultats de la recherche opérationnelle en science sociales

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