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Briefing |?UNFPA

Surveys and Assessments on Young People and COVID-19
This guidance note is intended for UNFPA country offices and their implementing partners who are involved in monitoring/ assessing the impacts of COVID-19 and adapting programmes and interventions for young people. Domains of assessment are provided, along with relevant links...


COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Tool
This tool presents a set of questions for conducting data collection with focus group discussions (FGD) or key informant interviews (KII).

Article |?CASS

How to improve outbreak response: a case study of integrated outbreak analytics from Ebola in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Report |?IOM

Participatory Population Mobility Mapping (PMM) – Ebola Response Mambasa Territory, Ituri Province, 29 August 2018
This is a report on the mapping exercise carried out by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the UN Migration Agency working with the Congolese Ministry of Health (MoH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the 10th Ebola...

Case study, Evaluation, Report |?United Nations

United Nations Comprehensive Response to COVID-19: Saving Lives, Protecting Societies, Recovering Better

Evaluation |?

Training community health workers for the COVID-19 response, India

Article |?University of Kwazulu-Nata

COVID-19 vaccines for children and adolescents in Africa: aligning our priorities to situational realities
This paper summarises trends in SARS-CoV-2 infections among CA, compare COVID-19 vaccination patterns in Africa to more developed parts of the world, and discuss some of the benefits, challenges and unknowns associated with vaccinating CA for COVID-19. In light of...

Guidance |?

Guidance on utilization of COVID-19 vaccines before the date of expiry
This document is essential and timely to help countries ensure that all COVID-19 vaccine doses are optimally utilized, and wastage is minimised.

Evaluation, Report |?

COVID-19 Vaccines Online Social Listening Report in EM/MENAR
This report highlights the latest biweekly online and social media discourse related to COVID-19 vaccines in the Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East and North Africa (EM/MENA) region, primarily monitored using Talkwalker platform.

Evaluation |?

Sight Unseen: A vision for effective access to COVID-19 vaccines for migrants
This addendum builds on the findings of that initial report and aims to take stock of the current global trends with respect to COVID-19 vaccines access for migrants.

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