2.3: Rapid strategies to understand the political, socio-cultural, and economic factors that increase vulnerability

This session discusses rapid strategies to establish and deepen participants’ understanding of social determinants, risk perceptions, historical, political, socio-cultural and economic context to overcome vulnerabilities of specific population groups.

Note: You should have completed module 2.1 before beginning this module.

Learning outcomes

  • Know how to conduct a power analysis.
  • Gain familiarity with approaches to vulnerability assessment.
  • Be able to initiate a rapid context analysis (e.g. RAA Module 1: Contextual Assessment) to identify inequalities and vulnerable groups within a specific community.
  • Gain familiarity with additional social science tools (e.g. Rapid Remote Context Analysis Tool (RR-CAT), Rapid Anthropological Assessment (RAA) in the Field) that can be used and adapted to identify inequalities and vulnerabilities.

Module structure

Session type

90-120 minutes
Online and offline