7.1: Tracking the use or ‘application’ of integrated operational social science outputs: Integrated Outbreaks Analytics and MONITO

This session discusses tools and approaches for monitoring the use of integrated evidence by emergency response actors to better inform operational decision making. It will be based on examples from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and research lead by the Social Sciences Analytics Cell (CASS) in support of past, and ongoing outbreak responses.

Content will be delivered through real-time presentation, and pre-recorded videos to explain in detail the theory behind the concepts covered, and to stimulate discussion based on the examples provided. 

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what is needed to set up and manage a tool for monitoring the use of evidence.
  • Know different methods for ensuring the use of evidence for decision making.
  • Understand the Integrated Outbreak Analytics approach and its application in emergency response.

Module structure

Session type

90-120 minutes