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SOPs for Data Collection during COVID-19
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guide research teams on how to undertake data collection during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Working with Community Advisory Boards/Groups to support community engagement in clinical research
Information on establishing and working with different types of advisory groups and consider adaptations in the context of COVID-19 studies

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Working with Community Advisory Boards for COVID-19 related clinical studies
This toolbox was developed for the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Research Roadmap as a joint initiative between the social science and ethics working groups.


Rapid Guide to Localising and Translating Survey Tools
This resource aims e to help aid agencies prevent language and cultural biases that frequently occur when designing and administering surveys.

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Examples of coding qualitative data
Examples of coding qualitative data.

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Taking a Psychosocial Approach to Epidemic Response
This Practical Approaches brief highlights key considerations for taking a psychosocial approach to working in the context of an epidemic.

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Rapid Qualitative Research Methods During Complex Health Emergencies: A Systematic Review of the Literature
The review findings are used to propose recommendations for qualitative research within the context of public health emergencies.

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Assessing key considerations for burial practices, death and mourning in epidemics
This Practical Approaches brief highlights key considerations for rapidly appraising burial/funerary practices and beliefs around death/dying during an epidemic.

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Local Burial and Mourning Practices: Open-Ended Questions
These questionnaires allow for a rapid quantitative survey (see excel sheet) and qualitative (see word document) appraisal of burial and funeral practices in the context of an Ebola outbreak.

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Rapid Anthropological Assessments in the Field
This SSHAP Practical Approaches brief provides guidance on undertaking rapid anthropological assessments in the context of an epidemic.

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